Monday, November 5, 2012

Go with the heart? Or go with the gut?

I have a few issues that I've been really trying to figure out the answer to. Three in particular have taken a whole lot of my brain power and emotional strength to try and figure out, but alas I still cannot come to a decision on any of them. (And I'm not so sure they are good to post for the world to see just yet, but I'll post them later when I figure out what I'm going to do).
When I make my ultimate decision for each issue, they will be fairly life changing to me and to my boys. They are also all intertwined with each other....meaning that the decision I make for one issue will have an effect on the other two issues and so on. Being a person who doesn't generally get emotionally tied to things (on purpose, makes life easier that way) it has been very different and unsettling to realize that I my emotions are pretty strong in regards to all three issues and I am having a really hard time separating what my heart wants and what my brain wants....and to see the bigger picture. 
I've tried praying for guidance, research, asking opinions of people, everything I can think of to help me make the most objective decisions possible but still....I'm stuck. And it really is tiring.

So forgive me for being absent, I'm sure my used to be daily posts have been missed by my millions of readers (cricket cricket...) and I hate to say it but they will probably be sporadic or awhile here on out as I try to get this all figured out. So I hope ya'll are doing well and life is going fantastic. I'm tuning in to you, just haven't had the energy to write my own. Peace out for now, I'll be seeing you soon.