Monday, February 4, 2013

The Superbowl and FHE

We had a fun family shindig watching the Superbowl and taking color code personality tests (I'm a primary white with the other three colors all tied for second). And there were some pretty entertaining moments. When the big blackout happened I was upstairs with the girls and Nate ran up the stairs to tell us all about the blackout. In his mind it was most likely a terrorist attack with people in helicopters with 1919's (?) attached who were going to attack everyone...or something to that effect. I think we need to stop watching .... well... anything that involves guns or terrorists or violence in general.
And what about the Niner's coming THIS CLOSE to winning? But....after what...6 tries at a touchdown on the 7 yard line just couldn't do it? I'd just like to throw this out to the football universe...if a play isn't working you probably shouldn't keep doing it. Because it's not working. So stop. Just run the ball. No more throwing. But that's my humble, non-football watching opinion.
We also had the chance to go see Rise of the Guardians tonight for the free school movie night. It was soo much fun. I got to chat with some friends as did the boys and we spent a wonderful night together as a family. And talk about a cute movie! I really wasn't expecting to like it going in, but it really was well made. It was definitely worth going to, even with the huge school crowd in attendance. And the highlight of the boys' night was us getting pulled over at the top of the parents street. For not making a complete stop at a stop sign. In my defense, we were hurrying to get to the potty and the cop (who initially was a bit of a smarty pants by making the snarky remark of "don't you hate when you get caught running a stop sign while a cop is right behind you?") did not give us a ticket after I told him I truly wasn't paying attention since we were trying to get to the potty quickly, just told me to pay more attention while driving. Yes sir.

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