Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few Words on Gratitude

Last year there were moments when times were tough that I needed to remember all that I was grateful for to keep things in perspective. Well, times are not tough right now, in fact things are pretty darn amazing. And you know what? I think that makes me lose sight of what I'm grateful for more than the hard times.

In church last week we were having a discussion on prayer and the most amazing point was brought to my attention. I've always been taught to thank my Heavenly Father for the blessings he has provided me (even when I can't see it or want to admit there is a divine intervention). As such, I try to remember to thank him in my prayers. But what if tomorrow morning when we woke up, the things we didn't give thanks for were gone?

Well, I'd like to give a little twist to that thought and say when is the last time you have given a true, deep from the heart thank you to the people who are blessings in your life? I mean sure we say thanks or a kind word in passing, which is fantastic, but when is the last time you took a minute to really ponder on the good that people have shown you. Have you thanked them lately? I can think of soooo many people who fit in this category. My parents, namely. I definitely do not show them enough gratitude. My family for sticking by me through thick and thin. My boys for loving me even though I make so many mistakes. My amazing Loan Officer and co-workers who are truly deserving of the world. My church leaders who have shown me soo much compassion and love over the last few years. My friends for always being a listening ear when I need it. And so many more that this post would take about 10 days to read if I named them all. Yet have I done much to show how truly grateful I am for any of them? What would happen if tomorrow I woke up and they were all gone from my life? Would you have any regrets?

Well I'll tell you what, I'd regret not letting them know how amazing they are and how much I love them. So I am going to make sure that the people in my life know, without a doubt, how much I love them. Because you never know what tomorrow brings. I don't want to chance it ever again.

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