Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some Inspiration

I have had quite the killer cold over the last few days. One of my friends mentioned that this sick season has been particularly bad for us and he's right. Holy geez is he right. This cold hit me like a bus, it starting coming on Thursday Friday I was talking funny and Saturday I was stuck in bed most the day. This morning was rough but as the day went on I got feeling better thank goodness. The boys came out of it fairly unscathed except for a few cussings because of a constantly filthy house, Ty playing superman off of Ryders headboard and cracking the wood frame of the bed (and yes its out of commission now) and some other minor issues that occurred.
Anywho....this all led me to finding something new to get in to on Netflix. So, on a whim I started watching Ruby. She started a weight loss journey at over 400 lbs. Her top weight was 700 lbs. At this point in the season I'm watching she is down 100 lbs. Holy geez this woman is amazing. She is kind of annoying and drives me a little crazy however the experiences she is going through and the journey she is on inspires me. Mostly because we have very similar thoughts and feelings, yet she overcame them. So I can too right? I've been really thinking about her.
So I am starting to really look at my life and what I'm doing. It's soo not healthy right now. I have many bad habits I need to kick to the curb and better habits I need to build up. I am starting to physically see myself declining and I don't like that. So I'm going to change it. If Ruby can do it so can I. And since this is my journal of sorts you just may hear about it along the lines as I work things out, so just be forewarned. And I refuse to give in this time and fail. So can ya'll help buoy me up? I'm going to need it, that's for sure.