Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finally....telling about our fun times

You'll be happy to hear I've cooled off a tad from my hectic night the other night. I don't feel guilty anymore but I think I scared the kids a tad with my retirement. The next morning they all said sorry and we moved on with life. And have been listening a lot better too, so that's a plus.

So on with it. Time to share pictures!

We went to go look at the baby chicks a week or two ago and were a bit sad that there was only one little turkey chick (I have no idea what they are really called) but we had fun playing all the same.

Ryders fav hat was the red felt one

Tyler thought he'd try the goober look on for size

Nate actually pulls off the cowboy look pretty well I say.

We went camping last weekend as well with my sister-in-law's family. After checking in on work stuff, we trekked out on Friday afternoon to Snow Canyon where they were staying. It was absolutely beautiful and we had a really fun time! We hiked quite a bit and I learned that I am no longer in the shape I thought I was....10 yrs ago when I was actually healthy.....

The boys chilling after climbing up the first "mountain"

Our view from the first peak of the "Petrified Dunes". That line of white is our vehicles at the trailhead. It was a long hike.

The little specs ahead are the boys running up the dunes.

One of the sweet ladies that was with us took this picture at the top of one of the  peaks. I'm sure I was still a few miles behind but thought it was absolutely hilarious.

The boys with a few of the awesome family hikers who were ahead of us.

We also played a few games at the campsite, kick ball being the favorite I think. This was red light green light.

We came back from camping on Saturday afternoon and had a chance to rest our bones before Easter Sunday rolled around. The family had a delish dinner and followed up with an egg hunt. It as a lot of fun!

The boys with their goods....Ry's smile makes me laugh every time.

The funny moment from the night of terror.....Ry sneaking bites from the pot after dinner.

We also had a fantastic training at work on Wednesday evening that was meant to help us improve customer service as company. We really strive to make every person's experience fantastic and are constantly searching for ways to improve. This training really helped. But the biggest thing I came away with was that changing is never easy. It will be uncomfortable and awkward at first, but it gets better with time. If someone wants to truly change their behavior, their thinking, their is going to take hard work. It won't be sunshine and unicorns. But if you truly want to change, you will put forth the effort.

His first example was folding arms. If you fold your arms, you will most likely do it the same way every time. But try folding them the opposite way. It is awkward and takes thought to do something different than what your used to.

His second example was of his son who was trying out for a team. His son was extremely talented, yet didn't make it on the team. The reason why was because one of the bigger chunks of the scoring was getting along with the other players on the field and being sociable.The son is naturally an introvert and doesn't generally socialize, and it caused him not to make the team even though he had the talent. The son has since been working on being more sociable and is improving his skills.

Change takes constant thought. It takes doing things differently intentionally to reach your goals. I've never thought about it in that way before. I tend to give up easily on my goals because I don't see progress as quickly as I'd like. Or because it's "too hard" when in reality I'm just looking for the easy way out. This has spurred a lot of thought in my head about all the times I've thought "I wish I was more like _______ or I wish I was better at ________." I can change the things I want to change, but it will take work.

So...that's that. I hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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