Thursday, April 11, 2013

Small Miracles

So I've had a slow leak in one of my tires for the last little bit but it's been holding air really well, so I haven't been terribly worried about it. Regardless, I made a habit to check that tire every time I got in the car to go anywhere. So I went for a late lunch yesterday and on the way home I took a back road shortcut through a little hill (mind you I checked my tire before I left). I was almost back to my office, only about a mile away, when all of a sudden there was an insanely loud THUD THUD THUD that was like freaking surround sound in my car. It took me a minute to really register what was going on before I realized it was my dang tire. I found a wide spot in front of an elementary school near work and pulled over to check out the damage. My tire had literally came off the rim. Like completely torn off. 
Here is where the small miracle part comes in. Two gents were standing out front of the school right where I pulled over. As soon as I got out of the car, both came over to make sure I was okay. They were kind enough to help me put the spare tire on, which proved to be quite the feat. Both were really quite funny, I think they were teachers at the school. I know one was in charge of interventions, but I'm not sure of the other. One said he had always been taught to help women who he saw in need and if his daughter or wife were in trouble, he sure hoped someone would help them as well. Good karma you know? But the whole time it was just joking and laughing, showing off their "feats of strength" and every once if I was getting too close to the road would nudge me back towards the sidewalk.
I feel blessed. What are the chances that someone (not to mention two someones) who were trustworthy (like, not going to kidnap me and kill me) and capable of helping would be precisely where I needed them to be at that very moment in time? It was during school hours, after lunch time when usually people aren't just kicking around outside, in fact I rarely see anyone when I pass by there during lunch. Some may just call it a lucky break, but for was my miracle.

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