Thursday, April 25, 2013

House Dreaming ..... again

There is this Cute Little House  for sale in a little circle across the street from the boys' school. Its small...or should I say "cozy" and kind of outdated. But all in all a pretty decent house, especially for being listed at $117,000 (and its been listed for awhile, so I bet a lower offer would be accepted). The payment on that bad boy would be like $400.
Anyway, so in my boredom what do I do? Play around with ideas to update that little house of course. There are lots of little ways to DIY a remodel for cheap. So here is what I came up with. And on the panoramic views...just move the viewing down to the middle and you will get the effect I think.....

*All pictures are taken from the listing linked above...ERA Reality Cedar City.

Before of Bathroom

And my after creation panorama style.

Kitchen Before...

And my after creation (this one ended up smaller than the before probably is, and the doorway didn't show in the panorama but you get the point).

Living Room Before

And my after creation (the grey stuff is supposed to be black...interesting how it all comes together on the panoramic).

Before bedroom/basement room

And the after. Geez this thing doesn't do colors very well..... the walls are greenish-gray...and yet again the grays are supposed to be black. And the pretty picture above the chaise is of a beautiful landscape....not the wall. Oh well. You get the point.

And who could forget the backyard of course...

I have no before to go off of, but hey this could be right :)

Ok dream time is over. All CAD designs were done on Autodesk Homestyler, its a free, web-based tool that is pretty awesome to play around with if you like that kind of thing.


  1. Why didn't you show us this house on our walk? That is pretty cool maybe I can use it to get ideas on how to finish my basement.

  2. It is kind of out of the way....on that circle directly across the street from South. When we head that direction again I will show you :) That and I don't know that I could buy it just yet, I've still got to boost my credit up a tad so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
    The website is really kinda fun to play around with and pretty easy to use. You should try it :)