Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lots and Lots Going On

This has been quite the week so far in our little world. On Sunday we had our first true, blue family dinner bbq on the new grill that my dad got for Christmas. The burgers were definitely yummy. We followed that up with a fun game of Phase 10. I haven't played that game forever. Ty jumped in too and actually did pretty darn good for having been his first time. I was impressed.

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Monday was my nephew Jack's birthday. We all had fun eating some cake and ice cream, and watching Wreck It Ralph with him. I can't believe how big he is getting, it seems like he was just a baby not too long ago and now he's officially entered toddlerhood. He is a true blessing to our family and the cutest little guy to be around. We love you Jack!

Monday also brought on some fun times for Nate who got some woodchip pieces in his eye during school and had a sore, swollen eye. Being the awesome parent I am, I told him just to keep blinking, anything he didn't get out would just work it's way out.

The day after...
Well when Nate woke up on Tuesday, his entire eye was swollen shut. The poor kid was miserable and I figured it was probably time to break down and go see a doc. Luckily, the great Optometrist up the street had an opening so we got right in (and was able to chat with one of my good friends who I completely forgot worked there until we checked in...bonus!). It ended up Nate had a wood splinter caught in a little pocket of his eyelid, and every time he blinked it scratched his eyeball (yeah.....I felt like an awesome parent for telling him to blink more the day before). So the doc flipped his eyelid inside out and got the sliver out, then turned his eye neon so the med student and I could see the scratches on his eyeball (rub it in buddy haha). It was pretty fascinating and Nate absolutely loved all the attention he got that day.

The same day Ry had to go get his kindergarten shots and since we have been in a battle with our pediatrician over a big bill the insurance didn't cover, we haven't been in to see the doc for awhile. We were quite behind on shots.The poor guy had to get 4 of them (and 2 more in a month....and 2 more in 6 months). He was brave though, didn't even cry until the last one that is a stinger.

And then today my apartment managers called and set my yearly recert appointment (we are in a subsidized place). Last year they didn't verify income but I think they are finally starting to be more in compliance to their subsidies so this year they will be. Considering we barely squeaked by when we got in this place, I have a sneaky feeling we aren't going to qualify any longer now that I make more money. Which means we will be moving sooner than expected. Which also means I need to decide if I'm going to stay here or move to St George. But I have concerns with both options that are a pretty big deal. And to not help things at all, I browsed Craigslist and found a house that is about two blocks from the elementary that is about half a mile from my work. I could walk the kids to school then walk to work every day. The neighborhood is one of the better ones in St George as well, and I could afford the payment.

The house via Craigslist and
But see if I moved then I'd have to figure out what to do with the boys all summer since Nate is getting to old to go to daycare and Ty is quickly approaching that age as well. I know I could work around school schedules but its the summer that is tough.

But....if I stay in Cedar I will continue to have $400+ gas expenses a month (my gosh I wish gas prices would go down) to commute every day which seriously limits the amount of rent I can pay....which seriously limits my selection of rentals here in town.

And then I read the blog of my friend who just had a baby a monthish ago...and said baby almost died from RSV, only to find out that he has heart defects of a serious nature that have required extended stays in the hospital, life flights and surgeries.....and all of a sudden my problems seem really trivial.

I have been blessed and continue to be blessed, so I guess it's time to throw my hands up and trust that I will be taken in the direction I'm meant to go, just as I have been in the past. I just need to remember to have a little faith.

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