Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Tyler Birthday

So we had a little mini celebration on Monday as well for Tylers birthday, but it was a bit disfunctional. Whats new with my planning though hah! We were supposed to eat around 6 and then go birthday present shopping, but it didn't didn't work so well. Papa Murphys was insanely busy and we didn't get to grandmas until 6:15 then had to cook 2 pizzas. So I told Ty he could go shopping with grandma while the pizzas cooked thinking it wouldn't take very long to shop. Yeah...I forget this is a shopping trip with Mr. Indecisive. But more on that in a minute.
While we were waiting, Betsy and cute lil Jack came over in hopes of some supper and seeing Tyler. Jack was a bit sleepy but boy did I get him smiling! I was soo excited! Its the first time Jack has smiled for me and he was full of them. I even got a chuckle! I was one proud aunt. He's a doll and I just love him to death. That made my day!
Well at around 7 Jack was getting a bit more sleepy so him and Betsy left (without dinner...sorry!) and Ty was still not home from shopping yet. I felt bad we didn't get to eat while they were there and thats when grandma called to say Tyler STILL hadn't picked out a toy but they were going to be on their way soon.
7:30 rolled around and we had to start eating. Ryder had almost eaten all the "meatballs" and pepperoni off the pizza so we decided to start without them and shortly after they showed up.
After eating the pizza...Tyler was SOO excited about this new present. He brought it in and it was an RC micromachine monster truck! I haven't seen a micromachine since I was knee high to a grasshopper. He absolutely LOVES it and played with it all night long.
So that was our fun and exciting day yesterday. Tonight we have back to school night and I get to meet Nates teacher. I'm a bit excited. We will see how it goes!

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