Monday, August 30, 2010

H is for Heroes!

I'm excited for todays letter, H. H is for heroes. Now there are alot of heroes in this world. I have tons of perosnal heroes and there are many national heroes. But the heroes I'm focusing on today are the military heroes. I love the military. I may love them too much. I possibly have an addiction. :) But all the same, I respect them and what they do. The reason being.... is because I'm a wimp. I rather enjoy my freedom. My ability to walk down the street without getting killed; being able to let the boys go outside to play without the fear of them getting killed or kidnapped or whatever (granted there are some sick puppies in the world who do that anyway...but I live in a pretty safe and secure neighborhood).

So I was super excited when the opportunity came to be able to write letters or send care packages to soldiers across the way. I chose 3 groups to write to, and the boys got busy coloring pictures to send. Although we haven't had the money to get together care packages and such for all three, we have sent off the letters and pictures in hopes that it brightens someones day.

So. Take time today to include those brave military heroes in your prayers. They have left their family and friends, given up many of the basic living necessities (like showers, comfy beds and good food!) and are risking their lives daily to make sure America stays free and safe. And give an even greater thanks to those who have died for you. They gave the greatest sacrifice anyone could give. Life.

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