Monday, August 23, 2010


And today is...letter C - for...Commitment.
And why do I choose commitment for today? Because I think it's important. I think in every relationship we have...there has to be commitment. And I'm not talkin just about lovey dovey relationships, cause I don't got that at the moment. But in everything. I have to be committed to being a good parent or my kids could fail in life. I have to commit to my clients, or they will lose their homes. I have to commit to my work, or I'll get fired. I have to commit to my family, or they won't know how much I love and appreciate them. Commitment to religion...which doesn't seem like too big of a deal (and I've been slacking on hardcore) but really...its your eternal salvation we are talking about here. And I need to teach the kids commitment to school otherwise they won't get as far in life as they could have. And of course...I'd LOVE to be committed to a knight in shining armour someday. Hopefully soon. Hopefully REAL soon before I go crazy. But I know I gotta do some things on my part before thats going to happen. So see? Commitment is a big deal. And I appreciate those who have been commited to me and my kids. We have appreciated it greatly, even though we aren't the best at showing it. So today, think about your commitments. Think about if your really...and truly...following through on those commitments and where you can improve. Life is all about improvement. Thats how we seek our ideal selves, even though we know we can't be perfect just yet. :)

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