Friday, August 27, 2010

G is for Grants

Today is soo appropriately the day for G. And G is for Grants! As you probably all know, my wages here at the Housing Authority are solely paid for my grants that we apply for and are awarded. We secured the grant from the Utah Housing Coalition and as of yesterday at 5:05 pm...we submitted the application for our HUD grant. This probably seems nominal to most, but that grant took me and H at least a week of working on. It ended up being something like 120 pages plus another 30 pages of supporting documents. It was a BUGGER! So when we finally got it submitted (a day early too by the way!) we were both jumping for joy that it was done! The next challenge is if we actually are awarded the grant. We won't know that for awhile unfortunately. But it was a HUGE confidence booster to me when I worked my butt off to do a good job, and H told me she was very impressed. That is a huge compliment to me and made me feel like my hard work was for something good! As a reward, today we are going to find a training to go to and post for the job that will be helping me out. I'm rather excited. I love going to trainings and this will be my last one for the year. Yay! :)

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