Wednesday, August 25, 2010

E is for the Easy Button!

So today is made possible by the letter E...for the Easy Button! You know the one...from Staples. I wish I had an Easy Button. Right now I'm working on a grant application at work. Which is a double edged sword because I enjoy working on it but....I'm neglecting clients...and that makes them mad (which...come on...I'm happy to help but I'm free! Geez! Give me a break!). But I have to get the grant done cause thats what funds my program. Easy button! Make it all easy! Let me push you and have the grant app clients happy...modifications or liquidation options magically approved...come ooooooon Easy Button! I don't think it worked. Dang it.
I also wish I had an Easy Button for parenting! Tyler is fake crying (which sounds more like a "my mom is beating on me and being mean" scream) because he doesn't wanna go to bed...Ryder is happy and content in his own bed until I leave the room then he follows suit...and Nate just sitting in his room playing and making lots of noise to keep the other two awake....time to press the Easy Button! They are all magically asleep and I can get the house cleaned (oooooo unless I could press the Easy Button for that too!) and go to bed! Woohoo! Yeah right.
The only other thing I think I could use the Easy Button for is money. Which I think everyone could use...but it would sure be nice to press a button and have a bill paid...or diapers bought...or food bought...or the gas tank constantly full instead of constantly empty. I wouldn't ask the Easy Button for millions of dollars, just enough to get things taken care of and have a smidge of breathing room left over. isn't easy. Dang it. And there isn't going to be an easy much as I sooo wish there was! It reminds me of that one movie with Adam Sandler. Click? I think? Where he can fast forward through time by the press of a button. Sure it would be nice to be able to do that...but wow there are alot of great things that would be missed! But thats what life is all about! I'm soo grateful that we live in a country where I can make my own choices, deal with the consequences, and grow from the experiences. I have to remind myself that not all people have that freedom. So...I guess I can live without the Easy Button...but I still think it would be awesome to have one!

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