Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Fun Night...and D!

We had the funnest night last night. It had been a very very hard ending to my day at work so we were at Grandmas and Grandpas so I could vent. We didn't get home to eat until around 7, so I knew there wasn't going to be much time to play. Well, we got done eating and were about to sit down and watch cartoons when Tyler asked me to play football. I really didn't want to, I was exhausted, but I said sure. Well...it ended up being the funnest time I think I've had in a long time! We had two mini nerf footballs and Tyler would throw one at me, then Nate would go way back and throw it at me too (He has a really really good arm...QB in the making I think!) and Ryder would Chase to get one while I got the other. We had a really fun time! By the end, it was tackle momma so she can throw the football at us while we run away....and then I was done for the night. And it was past bedtime. I'm really looking forward to playing again! Also last night, Nate lost that front tooth thats been dangling for like 4 weeks now. He was rather excited. And so was Tyler. And thats when our tooth fairy conversation occured...which also made my night. I love my kids...they rock!
And now to the ABCs....todays letter is....D! D is for Decisions!
I've had alot of decisions to make recently...and some are rather exciting! I've had to make decisions about work, the boys, money issues....some stuff not so fun. But my latest decision I've had to make is related to my housing! As most of you know, we live in a cute little townhouse right now that I love. It has a yard out front and patio in back, lots of fun neighbor kids for the boys to play with (including some that go to their daycare) and plenty of room for us to stretch. My only problem with it is...that we are renting. Which isn't horrible, but I've wanted to own for a LONG time. Well...my chance is here I think! We are building some low income homes in Enoch that are adorable (i had pictures on my phone that i was going to send, but i erased them...sorry!) and the other day my boss asked why I didn't apply for one! I didn't know I could! But it was a bit of a decision. I hate moving and really don't look forward to moving again (they would be done in December) and we just barely got new friends and became accustomed to our community where we are at. But...the neighborhood these homes are in is a nice one and it would be a long term deal. So...after lots of thinking and pros and cons... my application is in. They are single family 4 bedroom 2 bath homes with 2 car garage, and will have full landscaping. They are $650/mo and are CROWN (credit-to-own) houses. You live in them for a 15 yr compliance period then buy at a very discounted rate with all sorts of incentives. If you decide you don't wanna buy, you can move out and seek other housing, but the person whos in the house at the 15 yr period gets first choice to buy. It's just like your owning a home, since you pay all utilities, can paint or do what you want to it (within reason) the only thing is that the Housing Authority holds the note. There are only 5 houses available and lots of applications in, so a board is going to be put together and will decide who of the the applicants will live the the houses. Its not a sure thing yet...but I'm crossing my fingers that I'm chosen! So thats our good news today!


  1. Football sounded fun :) And- with any decision, if it's meant to be, then I know it will work out. Good luck!