Monday, November 21, 2011


This has been a thought provoking weekend. Saturday we went for the free swim put on by South Elementary for their healthy living week. I got a massive leg workout (they are still sore today) from "racing" the boys around the lazy river with Ryder latched on my back or riding up front. After 45 minutes of that...I think I can honestly say I burnt off the calories I had for dinner. It really was soo much fun. Nate is quite the popular kid, as is Tyler. I didn't see either of them much as they were off playing with friends. It was kind of fun to see them interact with their classmates.
Sunday was a really good day as well. Our stake presidency taught in Sunday School and it helped me to know that we aren't perfect and we aren't going to be perfect. We can just do the best we can and rely on the big guy upstairs for the rest, as he is our key to our salvation. Keeping close to him will help us stay headed in the right direction. On Sunday we also got in some great family time and yummy supper...but also got the sad but fantastic news that my brother and sis in law are moving. I truly think this is going to be a wonderful move for them. It help them grow as individuals and as a family, but I can't help being a little selfish in saying that I'm going to miss the beejeezies out of them. I truly wish them the best and plan on visiting as often as we can. And quite honestly, I didn't think I would be effected as much as I am by their moving. I didn't realize how close I feel I've grown to them. I really am going to miss them like crazy but I am soo happy that they are moving upward and onward with their lives and couldn't be more supportive. So I love you guys like crazy and I really wasn't planning on dedicating almost an entire post to you, but just know you guys have made a footprint in my life.
Anywho...this week has some good things in it. Thanksgiving of course, but also some possible new opportunities that I hope and pray are meant to be. Its going to be a good week. I hope ya'll have a good week as well.

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