Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time to Check In

Today is a check in for me. The goals I listed in October I'm still working on, so lets see how its going.

Health and Wellness Goals

Goal 1: Plan and execute menus every week: With the exception of one week that was extremely crazy, I have successfully completed this goal every week since posting.

Goal 2: Track all food every day on my calorie count app: In the last 30 days, I have missed 5 days. Still a work in progress but pretty dang good. My goal is to HONESTLY log every single day in November.

Goal 3: Run 3 times a week and do weights the other 3 (1 rest day): I have honestly been slacking at this one. But this is a new week. On Monday I did 40 minutes of weights from my 6 week body makeover plan and yesterday I started over with the C25K. And the best part....I shaved a full minute off of my mile. The quickest I've been able to walk/job a mile has been 20 minutes. Last night I did it in 19 minutes. I was seriously doing a happy dance while trying not to fall off the treadmill! Soo happy. Small things like that make me realize that I am making progess, even if I can't see it yet.

School Goals

Goal 4: Read out of one of my textbooks every night (this has been especially hard with my accounting book): Honestly, I haven't been doing great at this. It needs serious improvement.

Goal 5: Study (having issues figuring out how I study best): Again, struggling. However I figured out yesterday that after jogging I retain more information for some reason. I have a test today and I feel pretty prepared for it after studying last night.

Goal 6: Attend class every day unless there is sickness or death in the family: I have done well with this. I missed one day on Monday due to some serious I think thats great overall. Its crazy to think there are only 4 weeks until Finals. I luckily won't have any major finals (I think) but its crazy how fast this semester has gone by.

Family Goals

Goal 7: Do homework as a family every night: We have been doing good at this. Nate does his homework at school, but Ty does his and reads to me just about every night. We aren't doing perfectly, but its getting there.

Goal 8: Eat dinner at the table as a family: Depending on the day, we do okay. Some are better than others...but this is still a work in progress.

Goal 9: Work on sticking to bedtime routine: So far so good, for the most part. There were a couple late nights that we had to skip story time but all in all doing good.

Religious Goals

Goal 10: Have FHE every Monday night: We have been doing great with this...check!

Goal 11: Read the Book of Mormon every night (long term goal is to have it read before the end of the year): I found a section in my gospel library app that has the kids stories for all of the scriptures, so we are currently working on the Book of Mormon and are to Chapter 8.

Goal 12: Have family prayer every day: This area for the most part is going well, we've had some days that we've skipped but its definitely an improvement from before.

Financial Goals

Goal 13: No using the overdraft account: Doing better but still not great in progress.

Goal 14: Put money aside in savings: Haha thats a joke....

Goal 15: Get Christmas bought ahead of time while I still have money: This is actually going great. The kids are pretty much done so whats left is family and friends.

On looking back, its nice to know that improvements are being made in most areas. Obviously there are some areas I need to work on more than others, but its comforting to know that things are improving somewhat.
Have a great day!

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