Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random highlights

This weekend was a relatively calm one. Friday I didn't have work (a BIG woohoo for that one....) so I spent the day doing homework and completely finished my online class. I also made an appointment to see my advisor to talk about switching majors. I will see her tomorrow. It seriously was a fantastic day. Saturday the boys REALLY wanted to put up the Christmas tree so I told them we had to move furniture around so it would fit. After we got that all done, the Wii mysteriously started working. I think it was a bad surge protector myself...but the Wii was enough to distract the boys from Christmas trees for one more week. They played TMNT until dinner time. Speaking of dinner time, preface this by saying there are a few foods in this world I love. Those include potatoes of any variety and cheese. I made my all time favorite soup, Mom's cheese soup. A big pot of cheesy deliciousness with veggies, lots of cheese and potatoes (yes I know they are a veggie but they need a seperate category). And the boys wouldn't touch it. I had to threaten early bedtime for them to even take one bite. This said....I think they are not of my DNA. I know I carried them in my tummy, I know they came from me, but I really think they have some alien DNA or something. How can my boys not like 2 of my most favorite foods of all time? Its a mystery to me.
Anywho...back to the weekend. Sunday we slept in past conference (I know....) so we had a family day of just hanging out together and watching movies and such. It was a good day. The only reason I'm including the next little bit is because Mom and Dad thought it was hilarous. I got back from a meeting I was at and it was already 5, so I needed to start grilling the chicken. The VT were there so I didn't feel like I wanted to interupt dad to start the grill. So Ry and I headed out with some matches in hand to turn on the grill. We turned the gas to high (mistake number one), lit the match and threw it in the grill. It didn't start up so I leaned in (mistake number 2) to see why, as if leaning in would provide the answers to all of life's mysteries or something, and then POOF! Seriously...the grill looked a little something like this...

but insert a picture of my head right in the middle of it. Seriously...not my brightest moment. We didn't get hurt, I didn't even get singed eyebrows or anything it just scared the bejeezies out of me. And Ry...oh so funny. He jumped about 20 ft in the air and wasn't quite sure what to think of it. It was kinda funny....
Yesterday brought me awesome news of doing FANTASTIC on my Microeconomics test and having it bring my grade up from an F to a C. I attribute it to Moms little notebooks. The night before I went and wrote down the billions of equations and how to solve them step by step in this little notebook she gave me. That is the only thing I did differently from the last test that I completely bombed...so I say that made the difference this time. Then when I got off work, we decided to go to Brad's Food Hut for dinner which was absolutely delish and we had great company to dine with too. For FHE we ended up forgoing a lesson and such since we didn't get home until around 7, so we went straight to making cookie pops. They actually turned out pretty good.

I had many more pictures, but for some reason they didn't email over and I already deleted them from my phone. Dangit. Oh well. Well thats all folks...hope ya'll have a great day!


  1. Hey! We went through the "family" shed on Sunday to find anything else of Mike's that needed out of there so his mom wouldn't keep it for another 10 years or more and guess what we found?.... A bunch of your stuff.. So we found all we could that had your name on it and brought it with us. D nor their parents will give it to you I'm sure so I decided we would. When we come over this weekend we'll bring it to you if you guys will be home. I'll let you know when we're over there.

  2. Wow really? D told me that it had all gotten ruined by the rain or mice or something....I can't even remember whats in there its been so long haha! We will be home this weekend so just throw me a text and I'll send my address to you. We live in that same complex where we lived when we had Nate's first bday party if you remember that...anyway just let me know when and we'll be available :)