Friday, November 18, 2011

Some funnies

With life kind of being on the downward slope at the moment I think its a good day to focus on the funny moments we've had. One in particular has to do with Nate. A month or so ago while I was in Salt Lake, Mom had mentioned something to the boys about the draft and how at 18 the boys had to sign a form saying they would go to war if needed or something like that. Well when I got back and we were eating dinner, he kept worrying about having to go to war. He did not want to have to go to war. The military life was not one he was wanting to go into right now. It was kind of humorous because he was really worried about this and couldn't stop talking about it. Well I talked him down enough that I was pretty sure he realized that he didn't HAVE to join the military, signing a draft just meant that if we went to war and there weren't enough soldiers, he would be called up but that the chances of that happening weren't very high.
Well he will mention stuff now and then about the military and how he thinks maybe he'd like to be a mechanic in the military or maybe a barber. I didn't think anything more about it until this morning when he told me that as soon as he is 13 he will be going to Evans Hairstyling School to become a barber and he sure hoped he wasn't the only boy. I told him that he couldn't go to college, even Evans, until he was at least in high school or finished high school depending on what classes he took. I wish I could've taken a picture of his was priceless. He was all sorts of forelorn and just said "Well shoot, that means I'm only going to get one good year of college in before I have to go to war....." I couldn't help but smile for a couple reasons. Based on his logic, he assumed it would take roughly 5 years to complete cosmotology school, and also that he was still thinking about the draft thing. I know, I know....I'm not very nice for thinking it's funny because he was dead serious but still. I explained that unless he was planning on enlisting in the military he wasn't going to be going to war any time soon, and even if he did enlist that they encouraged going to school at the same time. His whole body relaxed and he seemed okay after I told him it was okay to go to school still. So he decided that joining the military might not be soo bad and he might like it. I still don't think he comprehends that its his choice whether or not he enlists. Who knew that this subject would be so thought provoking in an 8 year old! I'm hoping that I eased some of the stress, but its going to be interesting to see what future plans of his are kiboshed by that pesky draft haha!

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