Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Affidavit To My Ah HA!

So I have had a realization this morning.
If you want addition to eating healthy....
You need to SLEEP!
I went to bed at midnight last night and boy am I feelin' it today. I forgot the little fact that I had gone to bed between 10-11 the two days I've had energy.
Guess this is a learning experience! Time to quit pretending to be a night hawk teenager and actually go to bed! So there ya go.
Healthy Eating + Sleep = ENERGY!
Tonight....early bedtime.
As an add on...tomorrow is Veterans Day and I have the day off. Woot woot! So I just want to say that I am soo thankful for all the veterans who write that blank check out for their lives....all to defend my rights and freedoms. And to keep up safe. I honor and respect all veterans, from all eras and all walks of life.
Thank you.

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