Monday, November 29, 2010


Its Monday again...thats for sure. I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend...I know I did! I honestly wasn't expecting much of anything. I really enjoy my family time so because it was an off year, I really wasn't planning on having the warm gushy Thanksgiving feeling. No offense mom and dad...I enjoy spending time with you. But Thanksgiving never seems to be the same without the whole family.
Except for this year.
This Thanksgiving was soo peaceful. Me and Ryder hung out with Carol, one of the tenants at work, for a while in the morning then met up with Mom and Dad, and a family from the ward at The Garden House. That food was DELICIOUS! It was just a really nice experience and one that I hope to repeat in the future. Afterwards, me and Ry went back to work and hung out with the tenants at their Thanksgiving Dinner. It was really a good time, very comfortable and peaceful.
The whole weekend really ended up being great. Betsy helped me order my first Christmas Cards ever...and I got alot of cleaning done.
So I learned my lesson...Thanksgiving is just about being thankful for all that you have, not just the gathering of family or lots of food.

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