Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ah HA!

I had my Ah Ha moment yesterday.
Many people probably already know this little gem that I discovered, in fact, I even knew it. But I had just forgotten.
I ate fairly healthy (besides those really yummy peanut butter things mom made) all day long and as consequence....
I had LOADS of energy!
So much energy that I got more than half of my laundry done (only 4 more loads of clothes, and 4 beds worth of sheets to go!), got the kitchen and the living room tidied up, got both the boys' bedrooms and my bedroom clean.
Versus the normal "I'm soo exhausted from work I just wanna sit here and do nothing" that usually happens.
And...I woke up early this morning (not even trying to) and was able to get me (actually doing my hair and makeup) and Ryder ready and all the boys were ready by like 7:15. Which means we had a spare 15 minutes to just kick back and chill until we had to go.
So there is definitely something good about this eating healthy deal I've started. I kinda like it. I feel amazing and I definitely feel like I finally put on my big girl pants and kicked myself into gear.

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