Wednesday, November 3, 2010


(grandma got a picture of Ry in his actual Woody costume....he was pretty cute. minus the tantrums)

I just realized today I didn't post a single thing about Halloween. Slacker. Yes. But its mostly because we had an uneventful holiday. Nate and Tyler were with their dad in Parowan so we didn't get to spend any of the holiday with them. Ryder...well he was ornery. We went to the sheep parade and he LOVED it...but wanted to follow the sheep around all day.

First tantrum.

Then was hungry, so we went to Dennys with Will. He was really hungry and the food was NOT being brought fast enough for his liking, so along came.....

Tantrum number two.

We headed home after that...and he fell asleep thankfully. Until we got home.

Tantrum three....

for having to take a nap. Which he didn't end up doing. So when 4:30 rolled around we were going to go to the 2nd ward carnival thing. Except Ry was boycotting his costume.

Insert tantrum four here.

Finally talked him into wearing Tylers costume and went to work for some of the tenants to see...which they loved. But he was tired. And wouldn't say trick or treat.

Tantrum five.

We did make it to the church to eat what was left of some good chili, which Ry didn't want to eat and then tried to go downstairs to the "carnival" booths...where he kicked and screamed cause he didn't want to be there.

Tantrum six.

So I gave up. I remembered that I had forgotten candy so we stopped by the store on the way home (which I was grateful I'd remembered since the kids came a knockin and cleared out the entire candy stash) and he was out a light. And stayed that way the rest of the night.

So...Halloween was rather uneventful for us. Hopefully next year will prove to be a slight bit better...with less tantrums.

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