Monday, November 8, 2010

The Weekends and Thoughts

On Saturday me and Ryder went to Grandpa and Grandmas house to clear out the garden. We were hoping to get it all done in the morning before they got home from cleaning the church, but it didn't happen. Thats hard work! We got the corn cleared out and put in Grandpas truck by about 1 pm then went in for lunch. After lunch, finished up the tomatoes and tried to get the beans out. But the beans kicked my butt. I babied out...I know I shouldn't have. But I did.
Sunday I definitely felt the effects of hard work. I apparently need to do a bit more hard labor so my body doesn't hate me as much the next day. Or two days after. But it didn't stop me from re-arranging my living room so that when we get our tree we can put it up in the corner.
Which got me excited for Christmas! I can't believe Christmas is next month! I love Christmas and everything that has to do with Christmas. It's such an awesome time of year!! And I'm thinking as soon as I can get a tree I will be doing so. Our other one was filled with cockroaches when we moved, so I had to ditch it. But the per diem from the Dallas trip next week and the DC trip a couple weeks after should catch us up financially and set us up Christmas-wise. I'm pretty excited I do gotta say. I'm hoping to actually decorate this year too. So happy Monday everyone and have a good week!

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