Friday, November 5, 2010

Impressed...and Humbled!

So as I'm logging into my systems today, a headline came up on my RS Newsfeed that caught my eye. A Canadian elderly couple won the lottery of about 11.3 Million Dollars...and gave the vast majority of it away! "What you've never had, you never miss." said the wife, Violet.
How true are those words!
Whats amazing to me is that she has cancer and is undergoing chemo. But even with this expensive fact, they only kept about 2% "for a rainy day" and gave the rest of it away. They took care of their family first, then donated the rest to two pages worth of donors they had decided on including local fire and police departments, cemetaries, Red Cross, the center that was doing her chemo, and several other places.
Wow...I am soo happy there are people in this world that still care about others and prefer to share their wealth rather than keep it all to themselves. Especially where the wife has cancer! And could definitely use the money to pay for it!
I don't know that I would be so generous. I know I'd cut in my family and pay back my parents for all the help they've given me over the years. There are a couple other places I know I'd make a contribution to, but all in all I'd be keeping and investing that money. Which is kinda sad really. That is why the article humbled me so much I think. Others selfless acts have a huge influence...maybe I need to quit being so selfish and find ways to help and serve more. And not just monetarily, but with simple acts of service too.
So thank you to the Large family of are a great example and definitely have humbled my heart!

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  1. What an uplifting story. A great example of loving. Thanks for the humbling. ;)