Friday, November 12, 2010

Gettin Crafty!

SO when we moved I got rid of ALOT of stuff. Including our Christmas stockings I just realized. But have you priced those things lately? Holy cow! The cheapest one was $8 for an ugly blah sock! The cute (and highest priced ones) were $25! I was amazed! So I decided to get crafty. We went to JoAnns and I let the boys pick out their own fabric...and by the way our "mantle" i.e. stair rail is going to be VERY colorful...and I am making our own this year. I'm actually kind of excited and I think they are going to turn out kinda cute. Colorful and not very christmasy...allbeit...but cute all the same. I'm hoping I'll get them done this weekend so I'll post pics when I do.

And yes...I'm thinking about Christmas early this year. We already have our tree up and everything. But this is mostly because I am going to be gone next week and gone the first week of December. Figured we'd start early. :)

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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