Monday, November 15, 2010

This Week

This week is going to be a semi-busy week. Because I leave for Dallas tomorrow afternoon...I have SOO much to do to catch up for the week. Its gonna be a tad bit crazy. But I love it cause that makes time go by quick. I've also been contimplating my life and I will tell you this, our Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. One reason I wanted to move to the Enoch home is because I wanted a fresh start in a new ward with a bishop I'd feel comfortable with. So that was the main reason I was rather disappointed that I didn't get in to one of those (besides owning a house obviously). Well on Sunday, we got to church and I almost thought the ward times had changed because I didn't recognize anyone on the stand. We got had gotten a new bishopric! And the new Relief Society President is amazing. Her newest rule is that no sister sits alone. We need to unite as a Relief Society and be like a family. After going to church, I truly feel like all things happen for a reason. I was meant to stay where I'm at and Heavenly Father made the rest happen for me. I feel soo blessed, beyond belief and feel my prayers were answered. So theres my testimony to that today...He's there and he listens. Things just have to happen in their own time.
Now its off to work for me...have a great day all!

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