Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blogger...whats up huh?

So I am slightly irritated as I want a picture to go across my entire Header section, not just half of it. No matter what size or layout of picture I'm using, it's not workin out for me too well. I've even tried not clicking on the shrink to fit. So...if any of ya'll have any advice I'd be completely open to hearing it.

Moving on. I had an interesting experience yesterday. I had the opportunity to help someone last night and honestly I was a lot less sympathetic than I probably should've been. In my mind I was thinking "this person got themselves into this situation by making stupid decisions. Something like this was going to happen eventually." the night went on....I ate a big dose of humble pie. How many times have I made a stupid decision that resulted in me being kicked down a little? Or a lot? Sure people were judgemental of me and some probably had the a similiar mindset as I did, but there were a select few that offered a hand, helped me up and dusted me off. So how was that any different? I just kept thinking "Ye who have sinned, cast the first stone." I was casting stones, so to speak, when I had no right to. That changed my mindset and made me realize I'm starting to become too quick at my judgements. So maybe its the Christmas season or maybe its just a change of heart, but I'm going to work on serving others more. And I'm going to work on teaching my boys the blessings of serving people. I really like the idea of RAK (random acts of kindness) and I think we will start implementing that into our daily lives. I urge you to as well, especially in this holiday season as many people are having to go without. The littlest things make a monumental difference to those in need. I'm gonna get on it....are you?

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