Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had such a nice Christmas. And I took quite a bit of pictures, so I will let them do (most of) the talking.

Friday afternoon we closed down early and the kids and I went to Krave. Super tasty :)
We were rather bored, so we ended up at Krave and chilled out. I love that place. Seriously delightful. Afterwards, we went with Grandma to IFA and then to Payless for slippers (which they didn't have any for little boys. Seriously? Your a shoe store. You had them for adults and little girls...but not little boys?) and then home for a movie night. Saturday morning I was met with little boys jumping in my bed. We all sang a round of Happy Birthday for Nate and spent the day cleaning up for Santa to come, visiting Grandma and Grandpa, and shopping/making food/playing until the annual Carlile Christmas Eve festivities at Scott and Betsy's house. Nate was SOOO excited because he got to go shopping for his birthday present with Uncle Scott. He seriously had been talking about it for at least two weeks, thats his favorite part of his birthday I think. He got a shot gun with rubber bullets that he loved. And then got an awesome hat from the Tony and Valena clan, that he has barely taken off since he got it. He loves it. Grandpa and Grandma got him a super spiffy Sharper Image pocket knife with a light that he was also very excited about. Then we headed out. Dinner was delightful, delicious prime rib and crab. Also had a variety of sides that were super tasty. Then it was time for the birthday celebration. He got a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book from the Carlile clan and Hugo Cabret from me, both of which he has taken turns reading every night.

We celebrated Nate's birthday...he chose his cake and such. Loved it.

And this is him blowing out the candles. I missed the first part of the song dang it.

After the Christmas Brownie brought jammies, we wanted to get a photo op. I LOVE this picture because everyone is just being silly.

The boys wanted to make sure their bases were covered. Carrots and water (in the special rudolph cup) for the reindeer, pretzels and milk (again in special cup) for Santa. They ate them all gone :)
Ty and Ry opening their presents on Christmas morning.

Nate opening his present (and a blurry Ty in the background)

Breakfast at the Parents house. always delightful.

Ry LOVES his big wheel. I'll have to get a picture of the other boys, I just realized I didn't get them.

I slacked on pictures after about 11:00 a.m. Just way too sleepy I think. The boys and I made a good haul though. Nate got an awesome new bike that I will have to get a picture of. He loves it, and it is rather awesome. Ryder got his big wheel that he's in love with (as are his brothers, they won't stay off it) And Tyler got tons AND TONS of Legos and some new shoes. They also got spiderbots, some games and experiment kits and so much more.
We then went to church for the Sunday Christmas Program. It was a fantastic program, truly brought the meaning of Christmas to my heart. I had been asked to sing with a girl in my ward who I had never met, and we practiced once. But it turned out okay I think. We sang Silent Night a cappella because a pianist wasn't available. I think it went okay. I loved having my whole family (except for one that we missed dearly) in attendance as well. It truly was a great afternoon.
Nate and Tyler's Parowan family came by as well after church and brought some gifts and visited as well. It was nice to see them again and the boys look forward to spending some time with them this week. I'm going to miss them like crazy, but they have assured me they will take their cell phone and call me every time they miss me. If they can find the phone. Oy.

This Christmas was overall a great one. It taught me a lot about myself. On Christmas Eve, I ended up having a lot of anxiety over presents. We just didn't have a whole lot. I guess it seemed like a lot when we were buying stuff, but the boys had asked for specific things that were all expensive. Before bed, Tyler told me that he was really excited because Santa had told him he would try to bring a DS. My heart kind of broke a little as I had to explain that Santa wanted him to earn the money for one so he could appreciate it more, when in reality its because Santa is broke. Nate also had the same desires for some expensive gifts. Santa and I ended up getting them each 4 presents plus LOADS of candy and goodies. Which initially seemed like lots, but when I saw them all wrapped under the tree, didn't seem like much. Made me mad that I'm not making more money, that I'm not getting child support to help bear the financial load, that I'm just generally feeling like an epic fail of a parent for not being able to get them the stuff they really wanted. Luckily I have an amazing mom who helped me to come back down to earth (at midnight Christmas Eve) and realize that the holiday isn't all about the presents, and that I did my very best and do my very best to make sure my boys have what they need. I still couldn't sleep for fear my boys would wake up extremely disappointed. But I was wrong. They woke up and were soo very excited, thankfully. They were more excited about the notes that Santa and the reindeer left for them than the toys. I love my boys, they make me stop and pause....they help me remember whats important and what is not. And hopefully this time next year, I will have the ability to get them some things they truly want for Christmas. Hopefully I will have an awesome paying secure job, child support to help cushion things, or even better this divorce mess resolved and a new love to share the holiday with.
We Shall See.

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