Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We had a fantastic day yesterday. After work, we went to dinner spur of the moment with Grandma, Betsy and Jack. The choice was Del Taco, and so far no sickness. I'm thinking the last time I ate there it must have been a coincidence that I was feeling yucky afterwards previously. Maybe. It was fun all the same. Afterwards I was really debating what to do for FHE. I'd had this lesson planned and we also wanted to go deliver treats. However, as we drove past the movie theatre the boys commented that we hadn't been out to a move in FOREVER! And they were right....the last movie we went to was Kung Fu Panda 2. So...we looked up times and after much debate (or rather Nate trying to convince everyone to go see Hugo) we decided on Arthur Christmas. But only after a pinky promise that we would see Hugo soon. It was such an adorable movie! I really liked it. The boys also really liked it and were surprisingly good in the theatre. It also helped we had the entire theatre to ourselves except for one man who sat down at the very front. I can't tell you how nice that was! No stressing over the kids jabbering during the movie and disturbing others. It really was a nice time. I was reminded why I usually wait for Redbox however....$26 just for our tickets. Ughh. But it was worth it to spend some time with my boys. 
In other news...I have some other things in the works for this week that I'm semi-looking forward to. We shall see how they go. Which is good, as I have been wondering if this struggling stuff is worth it in the end. It is. I also want to share a personality test we took in my AP class. I just need to figure a way to do it....anywho. Have a good day :)

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