Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mr Krugar's Christmas

For FHE last night I decided we needed a little Krugar. Mr Krugars Christmas to be exact. As a preface, it has really started to bother me how much society is focused on who gives the best gift, what kind of deal you got on the best gift, and what you get thats totally amazing. I have never noticed it until this season. More and more I see/read/hear about people just not being able to get in the spirit of Christmas this year. Several have noted the same feelings as me, there is way too much emphasis on the gifts and not enough on our Christ.

This is why we decided on Krugar Christmas. I haven't seen it in YEARS and my boys have never seen it. It was a good reminder of what this season is all about. I wanted to cry at how lonely poor Mr Krugar was and I did cry during the scene above. It touches me every time. You got it right Mr Krugar.....you got it right. I plan on doing the little things I can to serve others in need.

At the Relief Society Christmas thing we had there was a woman who talked about one Christmas only being able to give one gift to her children. That gift was a watch, and the purpose of the watch was that they would be giving their kids the gift of time. And that turned out to be one of the Christmas's her family remembered and cherished the most. So....that leads us to the next point.

We aren't having a huge Christmas this year. Not because we are financially strapped (well we kinda are....but not more than a normal single parent household....or anyone else in this horrible economy really) but because I am sick of the focus being on gifts. And no, my kids aren't being shafted....but every gift they recieve will have thought put behind it instead of just trying to keep up with what all the other kids around are getting. As will every gift that is given by us to others.

So after reading this, I kinda feel like I'm being a scrooge. Or a "grunch" as Ryder says. But I'm really not. I'm super excited for the holiday season and I love this time of year! I'm just going to focus on having a more Christ centered Christmas, which I think will make the season all the happier!

*If you haven't seen Mr Krugars Christmas, I highly suggest you do. You can Youtube the whole thing or I'm sure you could find the DVD on http://www.lds.org/.

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