Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

The boys are counting the days. Its officially 4 days, 18 hours, 23 minutes and 44...43...42 seconds to Christmas. Just kidding I have no idea how long it is other than the day part. Their presents have started to roll in at work and I'm starting to feel it more and more. The weather is definitely helping since its cold and blustery (I kinda like cold and blustery). So today is a day to remember blessings.

-Blessed to be able to afford to live. Although its tight, and its not fantastically awesome to be poor...I do have enough to cover my bills and I'm grateful for that.
-Blessed to have a nice roof over my head. Its nice not having to watch the boys stomp and smash cockroaches...even if it does come with a higher rent tag.
-Blessed to have a car. Which I'm tryin to see the positives with right now since I'm pretty much just praying it lasts until taxes come back so I can buy a new one. Its a race against the clock. But at least I have a way of getting around.
-Blessed that I have a plan in place for me. I may not know what it is...but every time I start to doubt it I get a swift kick in the butt telling me just to have faith and things will work out. Also a swift kick saying to take care of business so it can work out. But all the same...I know he's there and loves me.

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