Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'll Tell You What

I have learned alot these last couple days. I need to share my gratitude. So here are my thoughts today.

-My brother is amazing. He has taught me alot about his character and about things I need to start doing in my own life before a tragedy occurs to knock some sense into me. Its been an eye opening experience for sure. He's handled things soo differently than I probably would've and it makes me want to do better.

-My family. I say it often but I couldn't ask for a better family. I really couldn't. To see everyone so supportive of each other has been amazing. Prayers and miracles are flying everywhere and I if there was ever a time that I doubted the power of prayer that has been completely abolished. They do get answered and miracles do happen.

-My work and clients. The amount of support I and my family have recieved from them has been amazing. I am soo grateful to work in such a supportive place and to work with such great people. I truly feel blessed.

-My ward. I know. I used to really not like going and would dodge out. But with this new bishopric things have changed immensely. They have opened their arms to me and made me feel welcome, something I haven't had since I moved there.

-My kids. I have realized that as much as I love my kids I haven't been making them a priority, and that is going to change. There are some big things that are going to be put in play to protect them and make sure that their interests are met and not just the selfish interests of the other party involved. No more being a pushover. It's time to stretch out the claws. Phew this is going to be a hard experience but it needs to be done.

I have no idea if anyone even pays attention to these posts but I've heard that more people than I realize follow what goes on with my little family. So I thank you all for the kindness and support I've been given through my ups and downs and am grateful to you all too.

Have a great day!

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