Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh How I Love My Kids

I have never claimed to be a good parent...if fact my kids trotted all through Lins yesterday chanting "Momma is mean....we have a mean momma". Yup I'm a mean momma. But its okay. Its good for them.

And my recent feat is bribing the boys to clean. I haven't had very much energy this last week so I told them if they helped me clean the house including their rooms and bathrooms they could have a treat. And I also knew I wouldn't be up for making dinner or going out again, so we stopped at Lins on the way home.

I told the boys they could choose a good ol' kids TV dinner or a lunchable or something for dinner then choose a treat but they couldn't eat it unless they helped clean, and if they didn't help clean I got to eat it.

So we pick out the dinner stuff and then I let them choose their treats. Ry decided on M&Ms, Tyler decided on Gummy Bears and my dear little Nate was indecisive. First he wanted Swedish Fish, but not the multi-colored, and they didn't have a little bag of "normal" ones so he decided on a giant super sized candy bar that I kiboshed real quick. I told him he had to hurry and he was semi-eyeing some of this

which makes me laugh cause he doesn't even like cotton candy. He then tried his best negotiation tactics and told me he would look at the candy bar selection up front while we were waiting to check out and that if he didn't want anything he would run back and get cotton candy. Images of candy crashing and shelves falling over came to my head. So once again had to kibosh his dream of wandering a big store alone and climbing 10 ft up the shelves to get cotton candy that was on the highest hook.

He told me he was okay with just choosing something from the front and as soon as we got there...he took a short 100000th of a second glance and decided on cotton candy. Too late. We were in line and people behind us. So then came the tantrum.

"But I WANT the cotton candy. I DON'T want anything there." I said too bad choose something here or get nothing at all...and unloaded my groceries. He throws more of a fit. I say more too bad. Finally the cashier is waiting and I tell him choose something now or forever hold your peace. Well....I almost had to drag a teary-eyed boy out the store because life was just not fair! And momma is mean! And he wanted cotton candy! Not stupid gum that he chose!

Oh well. It is what it is. Life went on. He got his gum. And after cleaning not another word was even mentioned about the cotton candy.

Yay I love being a momma sometimes. :)

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