Monday, December 27, 2010

Tis The Season

This was an enjoyable Christmas I think. On Friday, the boys and I ate eggs and toast for breakfast (rare...we usually eat cereal) and decorated Nate's cake. Then Uncle Scotty took Nate shopping for his birthday present. That was fun of course. The boys played a little while longer until it was time to go to the annual Carlile Christmas Eve Dinner. The company was fantastic...the food was super tasty and it was nice being able to just be.
The Christmas Brownie brought jammies to all the kids as well.
On the way home, Nate let me know that this was the best birthday ever.
I'm glad.
The boys were happy on Christmas morning with what Santa brought them (Santa was a slight bit nervous about the presents this year) and even happier to get all the goods at Grandma and Grandpas house. Nate and Ty went with their dad in the afternoon to do Christmas there. Ryder puked like 12 times and had just about as many diaper changes.
Poor kid didn't feel well. He finally went to sleep and we were going to go to the movie but the siblings one by one dropped me and Dad went to True Grit. That was a great movie. I'd recommend it to everyone. When I got back, Ry was awake with Grandma and ready to go home.
After cleaning up the house a bit (more like cleaning a place to sit down haha) me and Ryder snuggled up on the couch and fell asleep watching Eat Pray Love (another movie I highly suggest).
It was a good holiday.
I took alot of pictures on my phone but have no idea how to get them from my phone to here so....such is life. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon so I can post soon.
I hope you all had a great and filling Christmas Season!

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