Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I realized yesterday....that I am no longer as computer savvy as I had once thought. Thats what I get for attempting to be all jedi-awesome when it came to computers. Mine has crashed a couple times at work and once we got the okay to bill to our grant...I got a new computer. Its nice. I like it and I appreciate that we have the ability to do so. But I have issues. Its all the new stuff....and for like two hours yesterday I had no idea where my email was going. My inbox was open...emails popping up on my alerts....but they were hiding. where to be found.
So I finally broke down and called the computer place begging for help. The guy linked up to my PC through Teamview and in about 2 seconds showed me where my emails were at. The inbox for this new email was just in a different spot.
I also went to write up a draft letter in the new Word. And when I went to print...there was no "file" option. No print icon. Nothing to make it easy. Took me probably 20 minutes to figure out how to print the document.
So...I'm eating my humble pie. I am not the hottie tottie computer savvy chicky-dee I once thought. I'm getting old and times...well...they are a changin'. Sigh.
But life goes on. And so will I. I'm sure I'll adapt and regain my former jedi status....and then eat more humble pie when things update again.
Thus a world of constant change.

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