Friday, December 17, 2010

A Manly Man

I have decided I need a man. And not just any man. A manly man. He's got to be respectful, honest, trustworthy, romantic, kind, funny, good with kids (with good daddy potential of course), good to me, has a job, has a car, etc, etc, etc....the list is long. Which is probably why I haven't found anyone concrete yet. But I don't really want to settle. I did that once and ended up with the dude whos now quasi-married to a witch. Literally....she's a witch who practices witchcraft.


Not going to go down that path again.

But I'm starting to get more and more lonely as time passes.

And I had a realization today.

I think I have a tendancy to hold on to things because I have a fear of letting go. Not because I really like the subject matter, but because I'm not sure what I'd do without it and I've had it so long that it would feel wierd NOT to have it in my life.

I'm working on changing that too.

I think this new year is going to lead to some interesting changes and experiences for me. Hopefully good things will come out of it.

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