Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Brain Dump and the Gurgles

*It's kinda funny to me how I can tell the most subtle changes that are occuring within myself. Its more of that growing up stuff I think. I don't know what it was about moving into the new house, but I've never had more of a desire to make sure my house is clean and dishes are done. Add in laundry to that. Instead of having the mindset of "Ah I'll do it later" I actually do stuff as it comes up. Maybe its because this house isn't as overwhelming as the other place was (size wise) but I like to chalk it up to me growing up a little.
*Along with the adult growing up....I've been having AHA moments left and right with my money. I tend to be an impulse buyer. I'll tell my kids that we don't have enough money to spend on a pizza one night, however a couple nights later I will be lazy and get take out, even though I really don't have the money. I didn't realize until recently that I'm a walking contradiction. And being a bad example to my kids. What am I teaching them? I am slowly changing my ways which will also bring on a fiscal fast pretty soon just to be able to get myself back in check.
*I am wondering what my body is up to. The plus side...I've lost probably 5 lbs in the last 2 days. The downside, that is because I haven't been able to eat much and what I do eat doesn't stay in my body long. I thought it was getting better last night, however I woke up this morning to gurgly tummy that I'm hoping goes away soon...but its sure making me not want to eat. Or do much of anything else sadly. I can't help but wonder if it is something I caught from my kids who were all sick last week, or a side affect of dehydration, or some funky bacteria that may or may not have been in the pool/hot tub at the hotel. For some reason I've been thinking about that the last day or two....hmmmmmm.
*Nate has been struggling AGAIN with school. His report card showed mostly N's which are the 3rd grade equivilant to an F. The plus side, he is doing well on his bell work. But that is the only thing. We do homework at home, and try to read every night, however he doesn't get his homework to his teacher. I need to come up with something that will show him the importance of turning in his work, especially when the majority of the time its done. If anyone has suggestions....please send them my way!
*Tyler has been struggling with just about everything. I don't remember Nate ever going through such a defiant stage. I ask him to do ANYTHING and he is too tired, or doesn't feel like it. No matter what I say or do he isn't changing his attitude. Again...some help here would be nice if anyone has experienced this before! I've tried everything and most nights end up tearful for both him and I. I just don't know whats going on with him, but I need to figure it out soon.
*I've been considering counseling for the older kids. I always thought they were adjusting well, however I'm starting to see a decline in both and wonder if they might benefit from having someone to talk to. Maybe their lack of will to do anything is related to such? I dunno. Either way, I'm worried about both of them and hope we can find something that will help them out soon.

Okie Dokie I think thats all for today. Have a good one ya'll :)

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