Monday, September 26, 2011

Vegas Baby!

This weekend we headed out to the wonderful sin city...Las Vegas! Could we have made the guys in The Hangover I and II jealous of our good time? Not so much. However It was actually a very pleasant trip. My cousin Taylor is leaving on his mission for the LDS church so we went down for his farewell. Saturday we got there in time to stop and eat lunch. My dad chose Wendy's, and its one that will stay on my list of where not to eat (at that establishment anyway) ever again. The kids meals didn't come with Frosty's (seriously?!) but a coupon booklet was bought for a $1 that gave us 5 free Frosty's. Only problem, you can only use the coupon in Las Vegas or Texas. Kinda irritating. But what made me ban that establishment from the books forever? Weird creepy guy who was being "helpful" as my mom says. It was more like telling all the kids what to do and not to do and touching them. Was it in a pervy way? Not outwardly, however when a complete stranger who is already creeping me out touches my kids at all...I kind of want to knock him out. I refrained but it was hard. So if your in Vegas, avoid the Wendys that's on Nellis.

Speaking of we were driving past Nellis AFB we got to witness a jet landing RIGHT NEXT TO OUR CAR. Yes that was awesome. It obviously was going faster than us, but it was right there on a landing strip right next to the road. The boys were in heaven. And I kinda was too.

Anyway. after that we drove around to find a park for me and the kids to play in while everyone else went to the temple with Taylor. After some playing, we headed to the mall with Betsy and Jack then back to the temple to wait for the family.
The littlest ones were sleeping in my car, so I sat in the parking lot while the older ones and Betsy went in the atrium and such. I had a of those "why are you being soo stupid with your life when you know what you want?" moments. Not that I haven't improved significantly, I can admit to that. But I still have some work to do before I can enjoy the blessings of the temple. Oh...and that husband factor. It was a somber moment to say the least, but a hopeful one too.

We then had a family caravan to the hotel. It was really a nice place. We did some shopping for forgotten stuff at a Target that was close and then went to Olive Garden for dinner. Can I just say....I was absolutely appalled. It must have been prom night, or something of that sort as there were a whole ton of youngesters there in suits and dresses. If you could call them dresses.

a less skimpy version

Seriously, if I were to try to google a picture of some of the dresses, I'd have to search stripper dresses. It was horrible. Literally...when I searched prom dressese this was as close as it came to finding similiar styles. And the above is modest compared to what they were wearing. One of the parties of girls were sitting outside and all of a sudden the girl in the worst dress says "My mom is here! Let's go!" I was astonished. Her MOM let her out like that? And given the fact her MOM was picking the group up, they were definitely younger than 16...Eesh. Thats teen pregnancy waiting to happen. I've always wanted a girl but this experience made me REALLY happy to have all boys.

Anyway. Dinner was delightful as always, I love Olive Garden. We then went back and I let the boys swim for the remaining hour the pool was open. They loved it, especially spending time with their cousins who also were swimming.
In the morning we went swimming again as promised and headed off to church. I love going to church outside of Utah. The wards are soo much more tight knit. And they sing! My ward probably doubles that ward in size, and you could almost hear a pin drop during the hymns. However...this ward (and I noticed this in CA as well) sang their hearts out and it was absolutely beautiful. It makes me wish that I didn't live in a state where the religion is so predominant, because there truly are gazillions of "Utah Mormons" that two faced, back stabbing people who think they are better than everyone else. Drives me nuts. Anyway. Taylor gave a great talk and the other talks of the day were fantastic as well.
Lunch was at an absolutely AMAZING house. Would've taken pictures, but that might be seen as a bit creepy. But believe me it was. I loved that house. The food was great as well, and we had a great time being able to catch up with family and just spend time together. 

So the weekend in Vegas may not compare to The Hangover...but I think it was even better. Lots of great memories with a fantastic family is always a good time. I had pictures, but my phone is being retarded and I've having issues getting them to my email. So maybe later I'll post them. If I remember. Have a good day ya'll!

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