Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hand, Foot and Mouth

The nastiness
So not 15 minutes after I dropped off Ryder at daycare, I got a call from daycare asking me to come get him. He has gotten the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disesase that has been going through daycare. He has a couple little bumps on his fingers, his bum got it pretty bad, and his face. The worst place has been on his tongue. Poor kid looks like he has ginormous canker sores all along the edges. Needless to say, it has been a long day. He isn't cleared to go back to daycare until Monday either, so its also going to be a long rest of the week with lots of creative babysitting that makes me feel horrible for inconvienencing people (namely mom and dad) and I feel like I should just take the rest of the week off from work, but know I can't. Its frustrating. Nows another example of when having a spouse would be great. But....onward and upward we go. I just hope he stops the whining soon...its getting really tiring. I know...bad mom moment.

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