Thursday, September 8, 2011


So last night I was watching Dateline's Extraordinary Families and this episode was about people with eating issues. Compulsive eating, bulemia, you name it...on both ends of the spectrum. As I sat there watching it (with my bag of chips being munched on beside me) It was rather insightful and made me really think about the way I eat and WHY I eat. One of the researchers on there made a good point that people with issues aren't loading up on broccoli or apples, they are loading up on the highly processed foods that are really unhealthy but sooo addictive. They also were researching whether or not you can have a food addiction. My opinion is yes. After some research and medical tests, their opinion was yes as well. Something literally goes on in the brain when these addictive foods are being eaten. But how do you kick it? No addiction is easy to kick. But it's easier (to a point) to say "Ok I'm going to stop drinking alcohol now. I will stop buying it, going out, being around it, etc" and do what you can to stick with it. However you can't say "I'm going to stop eating food." Ya kinda need the stuff to survive. Shocking, I know. But its true. So you have to have the discipline to force yourself not to eat that junk, and its hard. can be done. It happens every day. But.....the above poster is true as well. I can come up with some good excuses.....believe me. Which is exactly why I was eating some chips while watching TV last night instead of exercising. Yup.
So the point to my rant? I wish I was a naturally skinny girly with the metabolism of a....hummingbird maybe? Its the best thing I could think of shhhhh. However....I'm not. I'm one of the lucky (sense the sarcasm......) girls who has the metabolism of an elephant. Or whale. Or something with a slow metabolism. However....I can't keep using that excuse. I need to get my butt moving and just get it done. Force myself into better habits so I can be around to play with grandkids. And I can do it. Just got to find that one thing that works for me. We shall see.

*In other news....I have an exciting event happening today in relation to the super secret possibly good stuff going on. Give me good karma....and hopefully I can tell ya'll about it soon!

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