Friday, September 9, 2011


OK so Its Friday and I don't really have much to say other than....Hi. So lets get a snapshot of a Kimmeh head shall we? Here we go. In no particular order.....

-I am hungry. Like... tummy grumbling hungry and I'm looking forward to dinner, whatever that may be. I didn't plan menus this week, so I think I have sloppy joes and hamburger helper to choose from. Or mac and cheese. Or...smores....hehe. What I am not looking forward to? At least one child saying "I don't like that! I'm not going to eat!" which is a daily occurrence at our house whether it's chicken or burgers or pizza or whatever.

-I will be happy if I manage to pass my Accounting class. No high expectations here...I'll be content with C. The concepts aren't hard, the way the teacher teaches them is hard. The chapters are a million (ok 60 but still!) pages long and really hard to focus on. And is it just me or is EVERYTHING backwards? Debit means you add to something? Credit means you take something away? I'm thinking I need to read that chapter again.....

-Debates on what the best route for my financial future are going to be are happening constantly. Do I stay? Do I go? Pros and Cons....will I regret my decision later? Will I be able to handle my decision once it's made? Bahhhhhhhh

-Self confidence is dropping...fat thoughts emerging....thinking I'm not okay or people won't like me because of the chub factor....I need to get back to that losing weight thing. More specifically...the exercise thing. I've prepared myself and have a plan, I just need to start doing it. Come oooonnnnnnnn motivation. Time to kick it in gear.

*Ok these next ones were in particular order...funny how my thoughts evolve from one subject to something completely different...

-Starting to come to the realization that I may not find the love of my life in my first semester of school as I would've hoped. Dang. Guess I've got to be a little more patient and faithful in the master plan of my love life, whatever that may be.

-Speaking of master plans...holy moly I watched The Adjustment Bureau a couple weeks ago and WOW! I love it. Love love love it. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinkin they want to watch a fairly intense but very interesting movie that will make you think and make you want to punch some people. But don't really punch anyone.

-And speaking of other movies...I'm finding that I'm having a hard time convincing myself to watch some of my favorites like P.S. I Love You and Dear John (I know that movie got alot of grief, but I truly do love it). Like, no desire at all. Either I'm becoming uber depressed at the thought of watching lovey dovey people or its possible I'm getting over my fantasies of finding a prince charming who is sweet and caring and kind and and and....   Either way...the desire is there no longer. Which is sad...because I love those movies.

-Its the weekend....Yay!

-I'm still hungry....

And finally a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister...I rarely remember birthdays but facebook saved me today. I apologize to all those I forgot...but I do have to give a shout out to my sister because she's one of the main reasons that I keep up this blog. It keeps them in the loop of whats going on here and helps me feel closer to her as well.

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