Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flooded OUT

Today started as a normal Saturday. We stayed in bed late, lounged around too long and eventually got our house cleaning done and laundry started. All was good. We were about to head to Nate's lawn mowing job when bam down comes the rain. It was literally like someone opened the clouds and just started dumping water out in waves. Within 10 minutes the gutters were overflowing and rivers of water were halfway in the streets and flowing quickly. The poor folks below me were having a yard sale and the rain started soo suddenly that their stuff all got drenched as everyone hurried to get things into dry areas. We even had some lightening strike our carport. And then....
The rain came inside. The shingles AND tar paper are missing on one section of the roof right above my apartment and it's caused a drip previously but today the water was flowing inside about as hard as it was outside. And it came from not only the crawl space area, but also the vents, smoke detectors and light switches in the hallway, kitchen, hall bathroom, dining room and Nate's bedroom. We counteded 9-11 leaks. My managers thankfully live downstairs and were able to come check out what was going on but there really wasn't much to do besides rotate towels out and empty pans. I normally LOVE the rain. I'm the type that would love living somewhere like Seattle because I just love love love the rain. But not inside. I am grateful we will be moving soon to a drier climate into a house that (hopefully!) doesn't have a leaky roof.

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