Friday, July 6, 2012

New Favorite Song

This has been a great week. Its been busy. I've been a little stressed about money especially when I got yet another daycare bombshell of a bill today. Ugh. But I have to have faith this will all work out. It will, right? In my pipeline (including all of the loans from the various loan officers) I have broken 3.5 million dollars. Thats pretty awesome. Thats about a $9000 paycheck (give or take depending on when they close). I just need them to close now. Cross fingers and say a prayer they will....heaven knows I need the moola. And I think the stress is finally getting to me. Stress of trying to get a new job down and perfected, trying to move, make sure kids are okay, get bills paid on little money until loans start closing, and on and on. But its managable. I just need to start not being an insomniac. Thats going to be hard.
The older boys are gone for the weekend. Going to miss them. It will make things a little easier for the prospective St Geezy househunt tomorrow but I will miss them all the same.
So on with the weekend. Watching my Hollywood crush Channing Tatem in 21 Jump Street.

Seriously.....look at those eyes. The jawline. And the body (which is not presently shown but very nice!)!
And to take us into the weekend, commuting has done one good thing for me. I listen to a lot of music and have found a new favorite.

Young Blood by The Naked And Famous

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