Friday, July 20, 2012

This Week

Phew what a week. Have you noticed in the last two weeks (or more) I haven't had time for much blogging? media. Or anything really. I kinda feel like a grown up. I used to check Facebook three or four hundred times a day, blog every night, check my personal email a couple times a day....etc. Now...I'm lucky to get on any of this stuff once a day. If that. Things are just too busy with work and that is where I'm spending my time. And if I'm not spending my time with work, I'm with the fam. I think it's a good sign though. I feel grown up. Like I'm actually doing something good with myself. Life is good. So whats been going on??
Work is awesome. I now have 33 loans (total of over 6 million dollars woot woot!) in my pipeline with 15 expected to close before the end of August. This makes me happy as I get paid per loan and that will give me an awesome paycheck. And...that paycheck couldn't come soon enough, but more on that later. I'm finally getting it all down and I am determined to be the best processor there. I'm learning something new with every loan and loving the adventure and intensity. Granted...I put in long hours and generally eat breakfast and lunch at my desk itty bitty table I share (I'll be sooo excited to have my desk back when we move offices) and most my night is used for catching up on the admin stuff after the kids go to bed...but I feel good about it. I feel productive and that is awesome. In other words, I love my job. And I love the people I work with. They are soo welcoming and kind. They want me to succeed as much as I want to.

We have officially found a place in St is in and they will have a decision on who to rent to in a few days. Fingers's a cute little house that is affordable and in a good neighborhood. If you pray...say a little prayer for us! It really would be a great house and would decrease my stress as I would finally have a place which means I could start moving the kids' school records down to the school (that is like 2 blocks away...score!) and finding Ry daycare....which have been major points of stress for us.

Remember that whole excitment for loans to close? That is because money would be nice. Commuting is expensive, I have a huge unexpected daycare bill, my lawyers bill and of course it's going to be tough to keep my head above water. The sooner I can get these loans closed, the better off we will be. I don't know quite how commuting/moving/managing bills is all going to work the next month or so...but I have to have faith that it will. This decision feels like the right one for us so I just need to have a little faith.

The boys had a blast today....they came down to St George and visited the splash pad at town square with their Grandma, aunts and cousins. I walked over on my lunch to see them and they were having sooo much fun! That is definitely one thing I look forward to when we move down there, sooo many fun things for the boys to do that are free! They went swimming at Grandma Margarets house as well and had a whole lot of fun there too. I'm soo grateful for a family that loves and supports my boys... I have a pretty good life that I give due credit to them for.

Well....I think that is it. There is my week in a nutshell. I missed out on Mormon Messages this week and I will make sure I get that done next week. Those posts generally populate the most page visits which I absolutely love! Have a good weekend ya'll!

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