Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interesting filled day

Today as been an interesting day....full of random acts. So here is the fun facts...

Our office space was finally approved so we are moving offices. A whole lot of the Loan Officers in the dungeon starting moving their stuff today. I even got my office key. I am not entirely sure when I'm being moved over, but it will be nice to have an actual desk and file cabinet again. And two monitors. I wondered when I first started why everyone had two or more. Now I know...makes life easier. At least I don't have 10. There are some who do. However, I think I am going to kind of miss being around my little dungeon family. I've learned a lot down there and have made some good friends.

I was checked stats on my blog for fun today. This will be my 540th post. I've had a grand total of 12,090 page views since the birth of this blog! It's interesting because I first started this to keep my family not living near me updated on our family happenings. It's also served as a venting area to get things out of my mind and as a journal of sorts. And now...there are lots of people reading! The post with the most views of all time has been Stop Eating With Your Mouth Open topping the charts at 118 views. The runners up are posts about my lack of love life and Mormon Messages. I think that is soo interesting. My top viewers are in the United States obviously, second runner up is Russia followed by Malaysia, Canada and Germany. I've had quite a few hits from India, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and China. Hi Internationals! Granted given the fact that a few of the traffic sources are websites, my guess would be some of those are spammers. Some of the keywords that have been searched and brought up my blog are also pretty humorous. Such as "Boy Painted Toes" and "Soooo Tractor" although I'm not sure how either of those got my blog, but whatever. Funny all the same. So hooray for fun stats...I always find it intriquing to see whos checking me out and where ya'll are from. Thanks for reading the blog!

Back at the beginning of July I got entered into a drawing to get free Birchbox every month. I didn't win but decided I wanted to give it a try anyway and see what I came up with. The Birchbox is $10 a month (free shipping) and has samples of high end products and fun things just for gals. After many shipping issues (UGH) I finally got mine today for July. I can tell you that the samples they give you are not as big as pictured on the website, but they aren't too shabby. I got a new set of Skull (?) earbuds and some music downloads, samples of Larabar Uber bananas foster bars, Jouer lip treatment, Stainiac tinted lip balm, Ada Cosmetics Peach Bronzer, and Harvey Prince Hello fragrance (smells like lemon, maderine and grapefruit mmmm). Each box has a theme to it too which is kind of neat, so the boxes have different things in them each month. So really...it wasn't exactly what I was expecting but I would say it was worth the $10. And it's kind of fun to have a little surprise waiting for me in the mail. :)

The great debate of when to move may have been resolved today. On a whim, I used my lunch period to go look at a little apartment community I noticed when the fam went to Grandma M's house a couple weekends ago (the entrance to them is right across from the entrance to her community!). I didn't think they would have any openings but alas they did. The owner was extremely nice and seemed excited to get me in there. I just need to fill out an application and put down half the deposit to hold the unit for me if I choose to rent there. The apartment is a little bit smaller than the one I'm in currently but they are nicer. The grounds are kept up very well, have some great amenities and it's right behind the elementary school so the kids could walk to and from school every day. If you want to check it out...look here. And one of the daycares that I was looking into is right down the street as well, so my morning commute wouldn't be too bad. So tonight I make the decision....move in a week and a half or stay here until Decemberish. We shall see.

I also got my first approvals this week at work which means I'm going to have loans closing soon woohoo! That means the big paydays will be rolling in soon which makes me feel better about moving as well. The only hardish time I would have is the month of August. That might be workable.

Lots of happenings today thats for sure.

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