Saturday, July 7, 2012

The House Hunt Ensues

Dad and Mom drove Ryder and I down to St George today to look at some rentals. We started off in Hurricane and saw a few that were ok but they were far enough out that I might as well just stay in Cedar. And the one that wasn't far out was just very wierd. The most odd floor plan I've ever seen. But we had better luck in St George. After looking at quite a few, I narrowed it down to three that I think I would like.

via Rim View Properties
This was Mom's favorite. It is right in the middle of town, super close to everything. 3 bed 2 bath for $800/mo. We didn't have a chance to go look inside but the location is great and it looks like the complex is pretty well attended.

via Craigslist
This one is out in Bloomington Hills. Its a very nice nieghborhood that is about 10 minutes from downtown. 3 bed 2 bath and there are a few for rent that vary in price from $800-$950. The schools are right across the street and it has a pool, fitness area and big splash pad not too far away. I'm personally learning towards one of these if there is one available on the lower end of rent.

via Craigslist

We didn't have a chance to go by this one but I've been inside them before and they are nice. Also very good sized. 3 bed 2 bath for and the prices vary between $875-$950. This one is also about 10-15 minutes away from downtown in the Terrah Dawn community. It would be a third choice I think.

I have been a bit stressed about this whole moving thing, but it kind of feels like things are coming together after we drove around a little. Now I just need to see if I can get into one of them. Cross fingers, say a few prayers and send good mojo my way if you can. Hopefully soon we will be moving. And I tell you what, it will be very nice to finally get down there. I'm looking forward to a fresh start.

Oh! And another totally awesome thing we saw while down there....

This is by far the biggest dust devil I have ever seen. It was pretty awesome. Ok off to bed. Happy weekend all.

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