Monday, July 30, 2012

Mormon Messages Monday

I have fervently fasted, prayed and asked many people for advice on this whole moving situation. I appreciate the comments. Most people have the opinion that I need to trust my feelings and my gut... that I wouldn't be having them for no reason and I have to agree....but I don't know quite how to decipher them. I still wonder what is best to do and don't have a concrete answer yet. So the Mormon Message for today was extremely helpful to me. Not only in this decision, but in my life.\
More than once I have felt like that poor family. Right when I get going on a journey... my engine blows up so to speak and then I have to backtrack. And then I start fresh again and bam my engine blows up again. So I wonder if these feelings are a warning that my engine is about to blow up and I just need to have patience, the good times will come, as long as I just keep trying my best. I have to have faith that I will be steered into the right direction for my kids, our finances, our well-being...and I still haven't felt that concretely. But I think I'm getting closer.
Anyway, I hope this touches ya'll like it did me today....Good Things to Come.

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