Friday, July 27, 2012

My New Love! a song!
I know I know I'm sorry, I got your hopes up for an awesome prince charming story right? Ha yeah probably not. But I thought I was pretty sneaky right there! :)
On the commute to/from work I listen to the alternative-indy-rock-whatever station. I love it...they play Mumford & Sons who I love, Naked and Famous who I also love, and similiar offbeat types of bands. Well I have been hearing this song FOREVER and never caught the name or the group. And of course the songs that drive me crazy play 20 times a ride but the ones that I love rocking out to (song below) don't play NEAR enough. And when they do, I never catch the band or song name. So tonight I Googled and Youtubed every phrase from the song until I finally found the right song. And.... I did! This song makes me want to get up and start dancing. And of course blare the words out at the top of my lungs. So I have to share. Enjoy!!

Some Nights - Fueled by Ramen (FUN)

How adorable is the lead guy....I have a tiny celeb crush on him. How could you not? :)

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