Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

I don't have a whole lot to say I'm pic overloading. Heres the pics from the campout and today.

The boys at the parade today. We had a prime-o spot

Nate got a cool sword...that lasted all of 5 minutes after the parade

Ry at the beach yesterday

Nate at the beach yesterday

Tyler at the beach yesterday

Nate and I at the parade with the awesome sword

Playing at the beach

The windsurfers....very cool

Grandma Margaret playing with the boys at the park

Ry and LJ holding hands trying to sleep on the campout

Ry sleeping at Sonny Boys

The campout spot

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Freedom isn't free so on this wonderful day of celebration I want to give thanks to the many men and women who fight for our freedom. Its definitely not easy, but they sacrifice so much just so that we can live a free life. We take advantage of that often and need to remember the ones who give us the freedom we enjoy. Thank you to all the troops out there...and happy Independence Day!

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