Saturday, July 28, 2012

Having some debates.... I don't like debates

The closer it gets to August the more unsettled I'm feeling about moving. It don't know if its stress because I haven't found a place, worry over my finances, concern for the kids and how they will adjust, stress over finding a daycare that doesn't have 403482872 bad tags on it from the state.....
Or if it is the fact that I worry about the change and how I'm going to manage everything. I know I'm meant to be down stress is coming from deciding when.
Mom suggested that I possibly commute until Christmas break when I know better what my finances look like and could start the kids in school after Christmas break down there. The only downfall is the gas and wear on my car. Its expensive and I'm starting to worry about my little Nissan. I don't think it's handling the commuting too well. Granted, I'm looking at getting a pretty good paycheck for the next couple months so it might be worth it to pay off my car and buy a new one with cash (I hate making car payments....would be nice not to have to do that anymore)...a Hybrid that gets amazing gas mileage maybe?
Or do I move down there in 2-3 weeks, have a REALLY rough month or two financially until I get adjusted...have more stress over moving records in time for school and finding daycare last minute....
Could someone just give me an answer? I don't like making this decision on my own. I know I need to, but I really don't want to. But I can't shake the unsettling feeling that I'm not meant to move yet.
Being a grown up sucks.


  1. If you're feeling like you're not supposed to move yet, you're most likely not supposed to yet. You know what's right and wrong. You just need to follow those feelings. Keep praying, you'll figure it out. No one can know but you.

  2. Put on your big girl panties. You don't want to be commuting in the snow, especially if your car isn't up to it. Also, your kids will have a lot harder time adjusting to new schools mid-year. You want this, so DO IT. Yes, it's going to be scary at first. Yes, it may take some financial adjustments at first. Yes, it's going to be a little stressful. All that is called being an adult.